Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Self Serve Dog Wash

Relax we have been doing this since 2004! We are here to help you!

Pricing for the self serve dog wash

Fees are $23 for the first HALF hour (+NYS Sales Tax) 

$10.00 for each additional half hour

Fees are "per dog" and YES you will have to pay sales tax

**After 9 paid washes your 10th bath is free! Stamp cards are provided and are the responsibility of the customer

Ask about out Platinum Self Serve package.

Our stated pricing advertised is for CASH sales.  At the time of checkout, you will be presented with a choice between the discounted

CASH price or the price for using any other form of payment, including a credit or debit card, which will reflect the additional cost of the

non-cash transaction.  You may choose either form of payment at the time of checkout.

  • Large, clean, stainless steel tubs to accommodate all dogs
  • Access ramps eliminate lifting
  • Raised tubs eliminate bending
  • Professional sprayers that allow you to control the water temperature and pressure
  • Help from a well trained, experienced, friendly staff! Most days professional groomers are there to help and answer questions

Are appointments necessary?

Kinda of....We do keep an appointment book. We strongly suggest you call when you are on your way so we can put your reservation in.  You don't want to show up at the shop to find all the tubs are full and you have an hour to wait.

Please note: We will only hold your tub 5 minutes past your reserved time if there is a line.

Walk-ins are welcome

However appointments will take precedence over walk-ins

What is included?
  • A Clean Apron and gloves- You are going to get wet. You are washing a dog. We try to limit just how wet, by supplying you with aprons and gloves.  Gloves are available in two sizes-ask your helper for the size you need.
  • BioGroom Tearless Shampoo- The shampoo is thinned. It is not "watered down" to save a buck. It is thin so you can easily cover the entire dog with shampoo without getting a hot spot from a clump of shampoo in one area. You  are encouraged to use the entire bottle and extra is always provided free of charge.
  • Kericot Conditioner- Apricot and Keratin work together to control shedding and leave the coat soft and shinny. It also helps with itchy dry flaking.
  • Grooming Tools- We offer you various tools for washing and brushing that we feel you may find useful. Not sure what is best for your dog? Ask your helper! Find one you love? We have fresh new tools available for purchase.
  • Ear wash, and cotton pads- This is the same ear wash your vet uses to keep ears clean and free of infection. Not sure how to clean you dogs ears? Ask your helper- they will be happy to show you!
  • Clean White towels and Professional drying chamois- All of our towels are washed with Tide Detergent and Clorox Bleach- You are also given a wash cloth to help clean the sensitive areas with care.
  • Forced Air Dryers-These are professional dryers. Think more like the forced air dryer in the car wash than the blow dryer you use at home. They do NOT get hot but will get warm. Heat can be bad for your dog, as it  increases the chance of heat stroke and drys out their coat. In dogs with allergies it can activate their histamines. Instead of having a heating element the dryers recycle the warmth created by the motor running. 
  • Nail clippers and Septic- But only for those who know how to clip nails. Done incorrectly you can end up with a real problem.
  • Grooming Scissors- for a quick clip or cutting out a knot. Careful, as they are professional scissors and they are SHARP! We keep them put away, so ask your helper if you need them.

What is available for an additional charge?

 We have many products available. Does your dog have a special problem?  Your helper can guide you to the correct product. We have all name brand products: Bio-Groom, Groomers Edge, Tropiclean, Fresh'n Clean, Ultra and Kelco.

  • Whitening-$5
  • Blackening-$5
  • Hypoallergenic-$5
  • Oatmeal-$5
  • Flee and Tick-$5
  • Tar-Sulfur Medicated-$5
  • Lavender Medicated-$5
  • Coco Tar Medicated-$5
  • Tropiclean D-Shed Treatment- You get both Shampoo and Conditioner-$10

If a Professional Groomer is available, they can provide the following:

  • Dremel nails $15 small, $20 large or       difficult dogs
  • Trim Pads $10
  • Trim eyes $10
  • Sanitary $10